Our Story

Good Dog Activewear is a lifestyle brand born out of the unconditional love our pets show us every day.

We were particularly inspired by the love and strength of our Schnauzer Shelby, who was rescued from a puppy mill after being caged for over six years birthing over 200 puppies. Shelby came to us through a rescue organization, toothless, nearly blind and deaf. Seventeen families before us intended to adopt her but each decided against it. We fell in love with her right away and after our application was accepted we took her home.

Shelby took time to trust us, but who could blame her. Initially, anytime she was let outside she would attempt to run away by trotting her fastest. If you got too close to her she wouldn’t think twice about nipping your nose in defence. We patiently spoon fed her until she learned to eat out of a bowl and day by day she trusted us more and more, eventually allowing us to snuggle with her.

Despite the abuse and misery that dominated most of her life, we were amazed and humbled by her determination to now live her life to its fullest – choosing to be happy. She learned to play with other dogs. She learned to run and return back home. And most importantly she learned that she could be loved and to love. We loved her spirit and her toothless grin that forever left her tongue hanging out the side of her mouth.

Shelby was able to enjoy the last several years of her life before passing away in 2017. In honor of our incredible shelter dog Shelby’s memory, we are committed to donating 10% of our profits to the animal rescue centers that help save Good Dogs just like our little Shelby.

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Good Dog Activewear
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